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product details

  • 300kW Chongqing Cummins nta855-g2a diesel generator set

    Model of generator set: kc300gf
    Main power: 300kW
    Standby power: 330kw
    Size of generator set: 3000 * 1040 * 1900mm
    Diesel engine brand: Chongqing Cummins
    Model of diesel engine: nta855-g2a
    Weight of generator set: 2900kg
    Type of generator set: open shelf

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    product details

    Chongqing Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd.,a Sino US joint venture,was established in October 1995 and is located in the tomb of martyrs in Shapingba District,Chongqing.The Chinese parent company is Chongqing electromechanical Co.,Ltd.and the foreign parent company is Cummins(China)Investment Co.,Ltd.,with 50%of the investment from both sides.At present,there are more than 1400 employees.Chongqing Cummins,formerly known as Chongqing automobile engine factory,began to design and manufacture diesel engines in the 1950s.
    Chongqing Cummins is the starting point of Cummins'localized production in China,and is Cummins'largest professional heavy-duty and high-power engine manufacturing factory in China.In 1981,Cummins formally signed a license agreement with the former China National Heavy Duty Truck Group,and began to produce Cummins high-power diesel engines in Chongqing.After years of development,the cooperation between the two sides has been deepening.Chongqing Cummins has always been an important driving force for the rapid growth of Cummins'business in China.
    The engine power range of Chongqing Cummins is 200hp-1600hp.The products are mainly used in heavy vehicles,large buses,construction machinery,mining machinery,petroleum machinery,rail machinery,port machinery,fixed and mobile diesel generator power stations,marine propulsion power units and auxiliary power units,pump power units and other power units.
    The main engine models of the diesel generator set are as follows:the main engine models of the diesel engine of Cummins N and K series diesel generator set of Cummins N and K Series in Chongqing Chongqing Cummins N and K Series in Chongqing Chongqing Cummins N and K series diesel generator set in Chongqing Cummins N and K series diesel engine of Chongqing Cummins N and K Series in Chongqing Chongqing,the main engine models of the diesel generator set of Chongqing Cummins N and K series diesel engine are the main engine models:the main engine models of the main engine models:nt855-ga,nta855-ga,nta855-g1,nta855-g1,nta855-g1a,nta855-g1b,nta855-g5a,NTA855,nta855-g1,nta855-g855-g15-g15-g15,nta855-g855,NTA855,nta855-g855-g855-g1,NTA855,nta855-g5-g5-g1a,NTA855 it's not easy A50-G8、KTA50-GS8、KTA50-G9

    Diesel generator set parameters



    Prime power


    Standby power


    Rated Voltage


    Rated Current


    Generator set Frequency


    Rated Speed


    Power Factor




    Gross Weight


    Alternator parameters



    Class of insulation


    %Steady state voltage regulation


    %Transient voltage regulation


    %Steady state frequency regulation


    %Transient frequency adjustment



    100% copper

    Voltage control mode


    Degree of protection



    Brushless self excitation

    Diesel engine parameters





    Prime power


    Standby power



    6cylinder 4 stroke L

    Fuel Injection way

         Direct injection

    Air inlet way




    Starting Voltage


    Speed adjustment mode

    Electronic Speed governing

    Bore Stroke


    Fuel Consumption




    Coolant Capacity for Engine


    Lube Oil Capacity


    Standard configuration:

    Zhongzhi intelligent controller

    Battery automatic float charger

    Industrial water cooled diesel engine

    Single bearing drip proof generator, IP23 protection, insulation grade H

    40 ℃ ambient temperature radiator, double layer heat dissipation

    Electric start

    Standard air filter

    Outlet switch

    Steel base with shock pad



    Air switch cabinet (manual)

    Optional configuration:

    ATS automatic load conversion screen

    Rainproof generator set

    Silent generator set

    Container generator set

    High voltage generator set

    Parallel unit control panel

    Unit control panel with "three remote" function

    Mobile trailer unit (container trailer)

    Truck mobile power station

    Oil, diesel, water jacket, anti condensation heater

    Split daily fuel tank and integrated base fuel tank

    Maintenance instructions for diesel generator set

    1.Check before starting up every day.
    2.Engine crankcase oil consumption.
    3.Cooling liquid level:whether the radiator and intercooler core are blocked.
    4.Check whether the air filter is blocked.
    5.Check every 50 hours.
    6.Battery and liquid level:eliminate water leakage,fuel leakage and oil leakage.
    7.Every 250-300 hours:change the engine oil,oil filter and bypass oil filter,change the fuel filter,drain the oil from the fuel tank when necessary,and tension the V-belt.
    8.Check whether the core of the radiator and air-cooled intercooler is blocked and needs to be cleaned.Check whether the air pipe and its hose joint are free of broken parts and new ones.Tighten the clamp.Check whether there is no leakage at the oil inlet and return of the booster.
    9.Every 1200 hours,ask professional personnel to check and adjust the valve clearance.Before the check and adjustment,the engine should be stopped and cold.Every 2400 hours,ask professional personnel to disassemble and check and adjust the fuel injector.The professional personnel should check the working condition of the supercharger,and carry out routine inspection on the engine and generator parts.Every 6 months,replace the coolant filter,every year Clean the cooler and change the coolant.

    Installation instructions for diesel generator set

    The installation of the unit shall consider the floor load,the location of the passage and maintenance,vibration,ventilation,the connection and heat insulation of the exhaust pipe,the size and location of the fuel tank,and shall be subject to the local or national environmental protection regulations.
    The unit has excellent shock absorption performance,so the generator unit does not need a specific foundation,the unit can be directly installed
    On level and concrete floor with sufficient strength.The ground is required to be level and flat,and the flatness is required to be within±0.5°plane,and the ground must be able to bear 1.5~2 times of the static weight of the generator unit itself.
    The concrete installation base is a reliable installation method.The base is usually 100~200 higher than the ground.The calculation formula of its thickness d is as follows:
    Where w=total mass of generator set(kg)
    D=specific gravity of concrete,grade 450,usually 2300(kg/m3)
    B=width of concrete base(m)
    L=length of concrete base(m)
    The volume ratio of concrete(cement,sand,stone)is 1:2:4 or 1:3:5 or 1:3:6
    2.Computer room
    There must be enough space in the machine room to make the air circulate freely,which is very important for ensuring the normal performance of the unit,reducing the power loss of the unit and ensuring the normal service life of the unit.
    There should be no other inflammable and explosive articles or objects that are easy to be drawn into the protective net cover of the unit,or even directly inhaled into the unit and may affect the normal use of the unit.In order to prevent the return of hot air,an air guide cover is set between the cooling water tank and the exhaust outlet of the unit to prevent the hot air from circulating indoors.
    For the installation and construction of the unit without special requirements,the design requirements of the machine room are not high.Only on the premise of ensuring that the exhaust back pressure does not exceed the specified value,the air inlet and outlet of the machine room can meet the requirements of the technical specifications,and the heating backflow can be avoided,and enough operation and maintenance space can be reserved inside the machine room.
    The engine room must ensure the air intake volume to supplement the air consumed for engine combustion and discharge a large amount of heat emitted by the unit during operation out of the machine room through the radiator core,so as to make the temperature in the machine room as close as possible to the ambient temperature and keep the body temperature in the normal working range.
    It should be ensured that the minimum net area of the exhaust outlet is not less than 1.25 times of the effective area of the radiator core,the center position of the exhaust outlet should be consistent with the center position of the radiator core of the unit as far as possible,and the width height ratio of the exhaust outlet should be the same as that of the radiator core as far as possible.

    Yangzhou Kangcheng power generation equipment Co.,Ltd.is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of general steam,diesel and gas generator sets.It is to manufacture open shelf diesel generator set,low noise diesel generator set,fully automatic diesel generator set,4-wheel,3-wheel and 2-wheel mobile power station diesel generator set.The selected diesel engine brands are:Volvo,Cummins,Benz,Daewoo,Dalian DEUTZ,Shangchai,Weichai,Yuchai,Wudong,Xichai,etc.Generator brands:Yangzhou Kangcheng,Jiangsu Lingyu,Wuxi Stanford,Shanghai marathon,Guangzhou inger,lileisenma,Siemens,Audi,etc.With Kangcheng as the leading brand,our products are well matched,beautiful and excellent in performance!Accurate market and product positioning,as well as optimized cost performance,is the choice of many customers after careful consideration.It is widely used in various industries at home and abroad,such as factories,hotels,real estate,buildings,railways,petroleum,mines,telecommunication systems,etc.The self-developed diesel generator set has advanced four protection,self starting and self switching,computer remote monitoring and other functions,and the power covers 3kw-2600kw.Each power section can provide standard unit,silent unit,on-board and trailer unit and parallel cabinet,and can realize fixed,mobile,automation,low noise,multi machine parallel,emergency power vehicle and other power supply schemes.At the same time,it can provide customers with related services such as unit capacity selection,machine room design,technical installation guidance and commissioning.

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    Unit configuration

    Pure copper brushless generator

    Zhongzhi intelligent controller

    ATS automatic switch cabinet

    Rain cover of generator set

    Generator set static sound box

    Generator set mobile power supply vehicle

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