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Technical scheme of 280KW Volvo generator set

publication:2020-07-15 21:03:35

Technical scheme of 280KW Volvo generator set produced by Kangcheng
Technical scheme of 280KW Volvo generator set
1、 Unit model: wet-280
Main power: 260kw / 325kva
Standby power: 280KW / 350kva
2、 Brand introduction
Engine: Volvo is a large industrial enterprise in Sweden. Founded in 1927, Volvo has a history of more than 120 years. It is one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world The brand has always been closely linked with its three core values quality, safety and environmental protection. Its diesel engine fuel injection system is EFI type, which is more fuel-efficient and durable. It is superior to others in six cylinder engine and electronic injection technology. Among the imported brands, it is the ideal power of the generator group. Our Volvo series generator sets are provided with certificate of origin and customs certificate to ensure the original import. The generator can be equipped with Siemens, marathon, Stanford, inger, Kangcheng and other domestic well-known brands, and the generator set can be customized with mobile, low-noise and rain proof hood type according to customer demand.
Generator: our company's own production brand "Kangcheng" adopts the technology and design drawings of Wuxi Stanford motor. The brushless pure copper motor has the following advantages over the common brush motor in the market:
1. No maintenance of carbon brush
2. Anti radio interference
3. Reduce loss of excitation fault
4. 20 years maintenance free motor
3、 Main components of the unit
1. Engine: Sweden Volvo tad941ge
2. Generator: Yangzhou Kangcheng pure copper brushless motor wdq-280
3. Water tank: air cooled water tank forced cooling tad941ge
4. Control system: self starting LCD controller gu3320
5. Wetcf-280 bridge chassis made of Q235 steel plate bending
4、 Components of the unit
1. Output circuit breaker (installed)
2. Self starting LCD controller (installed)
3. Connecting line of storage battery and starting battery (installed)
4. Shock absorber (|) (installed)
5. Industrial muffler (installed)
6. 2 fuel pipes (installed)
7. Exhaust bellows elbow (installation)
8. Dry air filter (installed)
9. Oil water separator (installed)
10. Fuel filter (installed)
11. Oil filter (installed)
12. Toolbox (random)
13. Operation manual / installation manual / parts manual / Maintenance Manual (random)
5、 Cooperation from the demander
1. Loading and unloading and unit positioning (crane or forklift)
2. Diesel oil required by the unit (0 #, - 10 #, - 20 #, - 30 #, depending on the quantity)
3. Engine oil required by the unit (CD40)
4. Smoke exhaust pipe (our company only provides about 1 meter long smoke pipe and connecting flange, if you need to connect to the outdoor, please connect it by yourself)
5. Connecting cable from generator set to distribution board
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