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Detailed description of 300kW Volvo generator set

publication:2020-07-15 21:03:30

Detailed description of 300kW Volvo generator set produced by Kangcheng
Detailed description of 300kW Volvo generator set
1、 Diesel generator set
Unit model: wet-300
Manufacturer: Yangzhou
Unit origin: China, Yangzhou
Unit power: (kW / kVA) 300 / 375
Rated current: (a) 540
Unit size: (mm) 3100 × 1150 × 1700 (length, width and height)
Unit weight: (kg) 2750
Rated capacity of storage battery: (ah) 100Ah, 2 pcs
Rated capacity of circuit breaker: (a) 5630
2、 Diesel engine (engine)
Model of diesel engine: tad1342ge
Manufacturer: Sweden Volvo
Origin of diesel engine: Sweden
Power: (kw) 333
Cylinder diameter (mm) x stroke (mm) 131 × 150
Speed (R / min) 1500
Intake system exhaust turbocharging
Number and arrangement of cylinders: 6 cylinders in line, 4 stroke
Fuel system, EFI fuel system, electronic fuel injection system
Displacement (L) 12.78
Compression ratio 17.5
Cooling mode forced cooling by air cooling water tank
Speed control system engine management system ems2
Smoke exhaust system
2 m3 / min
Exhaust gas temperature 519 ℃
Large allowable exhaust back pressure 10KPA
Air intake system
High allowable inlet pressure 5kpa
Gas volume 19.6m3/min
Air flow 456m3 / min
fuel system
100% (main power) load 202 g / kWh
75% (main power) load 200 g / kWh
50% (main power) load 208 g / kWh
100% (main power) load fuel consumption 75.1/l/h
lubrication system
Total oil capacity 35L
Oil consumption 0.04l/h
Oil pan oil capacity 30L
Rated speed oil pressure 350-600kpa
Cooling system
Total coolant capacity 41l
Thermostat opening temperature 82-92 ℃
High water temperature 103 ℃
3、 Alternator
Generator model: wdq-300
Manufacturer: Kangcheng
Power: 300kW
Efficiency: 98.8%
Rated voltage: 400 / 230V
Rated power factor: 0.8 (lag)
Excitation mode: brushless automatic excitation regulator (all copper)
Phase number: 3
Wiring mode: Y type
Protection grade: IP23
Insulation class: H
Insulation and protection: Vacuum epoxy resin
Winding material: all copper
Pitch: 2 / 3
Stator turns: 72
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