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Technical scheme of 330kw Volvo generator set

publication:2020-07-15 21:03:27

Main electrical performance of 300kW Volvo generator set produced by Kangcheng
Main electrical performance of 300kW Volvo generator set
1. Rated voltage: 400 / 230V
2. Wiring mode: 3-phase 4-wire
3. Rated frequency: 50 Hz
4. Power factor: 0.8 (lag)
5. Steady state voltage regulation rate: ≤ 1%
6. Transient voltage regulation rate: ≤ 15%
7. Steady state frequency adjustment rate: ≤ 1%
8. Transient frequency adjustment rate: ≤ 5%
9. Voltage fluctuation rate: ≤ 0.5%
10. Frequency fluctuation: ≤ 0.5%
11. Frequency fluctuation: ≤ 0.5%
12. Frequency stabilization time: ≤ 3S
13. Voltage stability time: ≤ 3S
14. Start up success rate: 100%
11、 Technical services
Thank you for choosing Yangzhou Kangcheng diesel generator set. When you choose to use Yangzhou Kangcheng diesel generator set, you will get our excellent after-sales service and pure spare parts supply.
Our company will strictly abide by the content, scheme and commitment involved in the company's service guarantee, and provide you with perfect technical support and diesel generator set application.
We can provide users with preventive maintenance programs to reduce the expensive cost of your downtime. We can determine the inventory of spare parts that are not commonly used or urgently needed in a short time, and order and supply them in time, so as to ensure that the spare parts you need are in place when you need them.
1. Technical service system
First level service organization: Engineering and technical service departments of local agents / distributors
Second level service organization: After Sales Service Department of Kangcheng company
2. Service mode
2.1 pre sales technical support
Actively assist the owner and the design unit to complete the unit selection, machine room design and the preliminary design of unit installation, keep close communication and technical exchange with the owner, go deep into the site, patiently, timely and accurately provide all kinds of technical support, provide reasonable opinions and suggestions, and be the owner's staff.
2.2. Within the warranty period
In case of any abnormal fault of the unit during the warranty period, we promise to provide free maintenance service for the user (fault not caused by improper operation of the user), arrive at the site within 24 hours (or according to the actual traffic conditions), and provide the customer with compulsory warranty service;
(1) The warranty period is one year from the date of acceptance.
Definition of warranty period: actual use for one year or 1000 hours (the above conditions shall be subject to the first arrival), or according to the relevant provisions of the contract, all parts damage or other faults of the unit caused by the manufacturer's negligence in assembly or improper selection of design and raw materials
The supplier shall be responsible for the warranty. (2) Vulnerable parts of diesel generator set, accessories for daily use, manual operation error, negligence of maintenance, etc. are not covered by this warranty.


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