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After-sale service

After sales criteria

1. Technical service system:

First level service organization:Engineering and technical service departments of local agents/distributors。
Secondary service organization:Kangcheng power generation after sales service headquarters。

2.Service mode:

a).Pre sales technical support
Actively assist the user and the design unit to complete the selection of units,the design of machine room and the preliminary design of unit installation,keep close communication and technical exchange with the user,go deep into the site,patiently,timely and accurately provide all kinds of technical support,provide reasonable opinions and suggestions,and be the owner's consultant。
b).Within the warranty period:
In case of any abnormal fault of the unit during the warranty period,we promise to provide the user with free maintenance service(fault not caused by improper operation of the user),arrive at the site within 24 hours(or according to the actual traffic conditions),and provide the customer with compulsory warranty service;
I).The warranty period is one year from the date of acceptance。
Definition of warranty period:The actual use of one year or 1000 operation hours shall be subject to the first arrival(Shangchai Co.,Ltd.guarantees 2 years or 3000 operation hours),or according to the relevant provisions of the contract,all parts damage or other faults of the unit caused by the manufacturer's negligence in assembly or improper selection of design and raw materials can be guaranteed by the supplier。
II).Vulnerable parts of diesel generator set,accessories for daily use,manual operation error,negligence of maintenance,etc.are not covered by this warranty。
c).Out of warranty:
All spare parts are provided at the cost price,and the supplier can arrive at the customer's site or the place designated by the customer in time,and ensure that the unit can be repaired until it can be used normally.Outside the quality assurance period,our company promises to provide lifelong tracking service for users。


After sales content

1.Service content

   1.Service content the users we serve are the end users of Kangcheng diesel generator set。

   2.When you start to want to purchase power generation equipment or when you are using generator sets, we provide systematic and extensive technical services to provide free consultation for generator sets that meet your technical specifications。

   3.From the date of ordering, help to check and locate the generator set you purchased to ensure that your generator set can be put into normal operation in the shortest time。

   4.Free training for your technicians。

   5.Provide preventive maintenance and repair, so that your operating costs can be controlled。

   6.Provide a large number of spare parts and accessories, and maintenance engineers can provide you with technical assistance at any time。

   7.Provide free computer room design, power distribution design, and application specification of diesel generator set。

2.Service commitment

    1、After receiving the user's startup application form, the after-sales service department will send technical service personnel within 2 hours, arrive at the user's designated delivery place within 24 hours, and carry out the delivery debugging according to the delivery debugging procedure。

   2、When receiving the maintenance notice from the user, the notice shall be a fax. The after-sales service department will send engineers and technicians within 2 hours and arrive at the place where the equipment needs to be repaired within 24 hours (48 hours in remote areas). The after-sales service department will establish the user's technical files, regularly or irregularly consult and understand the use status of the user's equipment, so as to make your diesel generator set in a good standby state. Visit the users of Kangcheng diesel generator set regularly or irregularly every year to record their opinions and good suggestions to our after-sales service department。



After sales tenet   

Every employee of Kangcheng power generation is proud of your service

Every employee of Kangcheng power generation sincerely stands in the position of customers and thinks for customers

Every product of Kangcheng power generation is genuine and has been a century old enterprise

Don't be afraid to trouble us. Every employee of Kangcheng power plant turns on their mobile phones 24 hours a day to relieve your worries, give advice to you at any time, and even conduct on-site identification for you. Even the generator identification technicians don't know as much about the products as our industry insiders

In today's market,the good and the bad are intermingled.Many manufacturers'after-sales services are not up to standard.When there are quality problems,they pass the buck with customers,or the salesmen exaggerate in sales.If there are problems,they put them to the after-sales department,and then the after-sales department puts them back to the sales department for various reasons.They are not willing to take the responsibility

Our company solemnly promises that no matter what problems our customers have, our company will first send staff to solve them, and then analyze the reasons and determine the responsibility

Our company implements the after-sales specialist system. The salesperson who signs the contract with the customer is the after-sales service specialist of the customer. There will be no buck passing in the after-sales service of other manufacturers. Please keep the contract after signing the contract. If there is any problem, you can contact the after-sales service specialist 24 hours directly to solve it for you

If a service specialist leaves our company, the new service specialist will take over and contact you. Our company has a file for every customer, so you don't need to worry. If you can't get in touch with the service specialist for special reasons, you can directly contact our after-sales service. Each unit is attached with an after-sales contact card. It is also announced on the after-sales service website. Just report the number of the unit, and our after-sales service will provide you with considerate service

Even if you don't buy our products in the end, it must be a problem in our work. Please leave your valuable opinions so that we can make greater progress. If you finally buy our products, congratulations. Kangcheng power generation's high-quality service will accompany the whole process of your use

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